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  Q: If I purchased two sets of these lights, could I operate them all with one remote?
A: Yes , it might be controlled up to 48 pcs with one remote.
  Q: Can I change the batteries of the under cabinet lights without ripping them off the cabinet?
A: You just have to give them a slight turn to take them off the base part which stays attached. No hassle.
  Q: Are these lights spots lights or flood lights?
A: The LED beam angle is 120 degrees, so the lights will illuminate a wide area.
  Q: How long does the bulb last?
A: 50,000 hours or 11 years.
  Q: how long will the batteries last ? would use them about 12 hours per week?
A: The batteries will last approximately 100 hours.
  Q: Can you use this wireless led lights outdoors?
A: Yes, I put it on the table in my yard or the tent , but the lights is not waterproof.
  Q: How do you use the timer function? Is it possible to set these to turn on by themself at a certain time each day?
A: No. The timer is a countdown timer. If they are on you can set how long they stay on and they will automatically turn off. There is no “turn on” timer.
  Q: Is there a memory of color when you turn it on?
A: They can remember brightness.
  Q: Can these be turned on and off without using the timer feature...that is, left on until turned off manually?
A: Yes. The timer is optional. You can manually turn the puck lights ON/OFF with the remote or tap lens.
  Q: Battery life......would like to use rechargeables......should i order a battery charger with the pucks?
A: We recommend Duracell Alkaline batteries (these are standard Duracell batteries). These batteries last the longest. Eco friendly or rechargeable batteries are not recommended.
  Q: Will this turn off automatically after tapping them to turn on?
A: Use the timer option on the remote to have the lights turn off. The timer options are 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes.
  Q: Can these be used in a sauna or will the stream kill them?
A: The puck lights are not recommended for saunas. The steam may cause the lights to short circuit.
  Q: Does the remote come with a wall mount holder?
A: No, the remote does not include a wall mount.
  Q: Is there a daylight version of these? I want them to match my kitchens daylight lighting.
A: Not at this time.
  Q: Size of pucks?
A: 2.25 inches in diameter. 1.25 inches thick.
  Q: Can these be used inside of glass cabinet by remote?
A: Yes, if the glass is clear and thin. If there is frosting on the glass or a design in the glass it may affect the signal from the remote.
  Q: Do I need the remote to use these?
A: You do not need a remote to operate as you can tap the lens for on/off. However, it is remote compatible as well.
  Q: Do you have to attach mounting bracket with screws or just the adhesive?
A: Just 3M adhesive.
  Q: Is there possible the remote from also selecting the inputs on my telelvision?
A: No, the remote for your TV and lights are not on the same frequency.
  Q: Owners/users, is the brightness well? I mean good quality?
A: Yes they are bright just perfect when your other lights are off.
  Q: Can I use these puck lights as a background light for my garage kits on the wall?
A: Of course YES, they have many colors and brightness to choose from, which is very suitable as a small background light. I love them !!
  Q: Can the light be flicker?
A: No, They don‘t flicker.
  Q: I need to buy separate remotes for each of these?
A: No, the included remote works for all of them.
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